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5 simple ways to drum up more business

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Recently I had a friend came to me in emergency mode and asked me for help with his business, well finding more business for that matter. As a little bit of a back ground my friend runs a cell phone repair shop and has been searching for business for a while now (with to few good results). When my friend came to me he was looking for the same thing that most other people are looking for – Simple ways to get more business.

The direction that I wanted to lead my friend to, in order to help get him more business was a few things that he can do in the more immediate time period that would help him get more business. Although there are plenty of things that could help, most of the suggestions I have brought up are suggestions that can apply to every one, and not only for people who are in emergency mode, but also even for the business on the top of their game.

I guess the best way to sum this up is in these 5 points-

  1. Set up a fact finding time – Simply enough, one of my favorite ways to get more work is to get in front of your local businesses if you are B2B or if you are a direct to consumer company the key is to find ways to get in front of your targets. Some simple suggestions around this is to simply start a fact finding time, get to your local library or  check online to find as much info as you can about your targets. (Info like who are they, what are they looking for, what are the buzz words etc) – After you find this info use it in any way possible.
  2. Get in front of your targets with every chance you get- Being a B2B company will make this easier for the most part (simply enough call or email every relevant business you find and get to talking to them) When it comes to direct to consumers there is a general need for innovation. Find ways to advertise to consumers with out making them feel you are pushing your product or services on them, in general be creative and find out what works for you.
  3. Start an email push – Every one you talk to in a B2B situation not only has an email address, but most of them will be willing to give it to you, so capitalize on this. Most of the time when ever I talk to some one simply ask them “Can I get your email address so I can send you updates?” 99% of the people will say “sure”. Signing up direct consumers is a little bit of a different situation all together with out getting in to too many details I have found the best way to get subscriptions is to be innovative and let every one know about your news letters. After you get a decent subscription base simply email them at relevant periods (once a month for most of the emails I set up) and provide relevant updates or new deals.
  4. Have some one look at your business from an outsiders perspective- By no means am I saying that every little detail needs to be micromanaged, but there are a lot of small things that most business owners will miss because they see it every day. Some simple things that outsiders can see easier, are as follows: How well do you tailor your website towards your customers? Is your corporate identity consistent and professional? Does your corporate identity match your business? Do you have a corporate identity?
  5. Be comfortable- This may be one of the most important points that I’ll bring up. What I have seen over all is that if you are going to offer a product or service, you have to be comfortable in not only the product or service, but also in your company. One major part of being comfortable with your product or service is realizing that you are fulfilling a need or a want. Any product or service when striped down is just that some thing to satisfy a need or a want.

What are your recommendations? Do you agree with the ideas that I suggested, or is there some thing that I am missing? If you have any suggestions please feel free to add them by leaving a comment.

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