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Creative block be gone – 5 ways to prevent creative block.

Photo by: Steve Woods Ok, I’ll finally admit it, I have writers block… Creative block, can be a killer for any one who relies on their creativity for work. Whether you are writing, designing, coding or any thing else, having a creative block, can ruin your day at the very least. Thankfully there are plenty […

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Try it before you buy it!

As some of you may have seen, I ran into a small problem while updating and testing some things for this blog. Usually I would not run into any problems with a live site because I run a small test server (and quite frankly I’m a little paranoid about downtime and errors…) but some times […

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5 simple ways to drum up more business

Photo by: Niels Timmer Recently I had a friend came to me in emergency mode and asked me for help with his business, well finding more business for that matter. As a little bit of a back ground my friend runs a cell phone repair shop and has been searching for business for a while […

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How I work: My creative process

Recently I worked on a poster for USO, Lockheed Martin, and Charitable Recycling and when I went back through my notes for this project, I thought I could use this poster to explain my creative process, and how I start new projects. I will have to admit that I am sure that my process changes […

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Firefox Friday (well, sort of) – Firefox 3

Dynamic Media - Web and graphic design

Ok, first of all I know it’s not Friday, but regardless of that I still found this important enough to write about. Firefox 2 has been out for a while now, and has been great, but with Firefox 3 right around the corner (well hopefully at least) there comes a fair amount of updates and […

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