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Creative block be gone – 5 ways to prevent creative block.

Photo by: Steve Woods

Ok, I’ll finally admit it, I have writers block…

Creative block, can be a killer for any one who relies on their creativity for work. Whether you are writing, designing, coding or any thing else, having a creative block, can ruin your day at the very least. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to work through it, and although every one has their own opinion on the best things to do, I have come up with my 5 favorite ways to help get through the creative drought.

  1. Brain Storm/Mind Map – I am a huge advocate of mind mapping when I am working. Typically when I start a project I not only map out the ideas on the project, but I also map out what needs to be done in a linear map.
  2. Keep an Idea Book – I happen to favor “Moleskine” and “Moleskine like” notebooks, but I keep a note book, note pad or a sketch pad with me at all times, that way I can write down ideas and sketches that I can elaborate on at a later time.
  3. Read – I find that I like to read a lot. For me when I read it not only gets my mind working better, but I also tend to get more ideas from the things that I have read. Find things that are relevant to what you are doing and things that are unrelated and get the most you can out of it.
  4. Take a break – Some times the worst creative blocks that I get are when I either have too much on my plate, or when I start to get a little stretched out. When this happens some times the best way for me to work through the block, is to simply take a little break, and get my mind off of every thing. Find some thing to do unrelated to the project go out side, do some thing fun.
  5. Find Things That Inspire You – Go out side and take a hike, explore a place you have never been, try a new hobby, go to your local art museum or gallery, look online, the list can go on and on. Find any thing that can influence you and use it to your advantage, get ideas from it, find some thing new you never knew about that some thing rework it just find some thing.
  6. *Bonus tip* – Just Do It! – Simply stated get to work, start drawing, writing, coding or what ever it is that you are looking to do, and just do the best you can do. When I just jump into some thing, I will try to work as long as I can on it while still being productive, if I feel it is just not working out, take another break and than come back to it later.

That is typically some of the advice that really helps me to break out of my creative block. What do you do to help combat creative drought?

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Matt Richardson is the principal of Dynamic Media and started Dynamic Media in early 2003 but has been involved working with web and graphic design sense the first time he heard of the internet.
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