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Try it before you buy it!

As some of you may have seen, I ran into a small problem while updating and testing some things for this blog. Usually I would not run into any problems with a live site because I run a small test server (and quite frankly I’m a little paranoid about downtime and errors…) but some times there are things that just need to be tested live.

Some of the updates I was working on for this blog were some new plug-ins and a update of the WordPress software in general. For some odd reason when I uploaded all of the updates on my test server every thing worked fine, but when I passed it over to my live server… well it went haywire…So I am either going to be working on some big changes to the updates, or some changes to my host.

This brings up another point all together, mainly about the importance of trying new things. I have prided my self in trying new things, new foods, new software, new technology, etc. Although not all of it ends up good, that is a great thing about trying new things is that if you smart about it the new things usually dont have permanent effects.

On anther note the software I use on my test server on my Mac is MAMP, and I know there are going to be those out there that will say “wait doesn’t Mac OSX have a server software built in to it?” well yes it does, but MAMP is super easy to set up, and has PHP and MySQL support built into it. If any one if looking for new server software or a internal server MAMP is a great software. (Even if you just want to play around with some new software.)

So when was the last time you tried some thing new ?

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Matt Richardson is the principal of Dynamic Media and started Dynamic Media in early 2003 but has been involved working with web and graphic design sense the first time he heard of the internet.
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